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Truth and Beauty Media

Entertainment that Rings True

Truth and Beauty Media is dedicated to doing and making things that feel beautiful and ring true. At this time the focus is on media and in person education and performance related to Commedia dell'Arte: a fun old form of theater. Other work involves helping small movie companies with all aspects of making short films, and other media.


Most of Truth and Beauty Media's work these days is in Eastern Massachusetts.

We are collaborating with a partner in Malawi, and have benefited from the support of people around the globe.


If your intetrests overlap ours, stay in touch. Projects with backing may arrive at unexpected times.

Current Projects

  • A series of books containing historical Commedia dell'Arte plays, freshly translated and made playable by students and theater companies without deep academic dives
  • Developing curricula for drama teachers to use to teach drama starting with Commedia dell'Arte as the basis
  • On-going work supporting other people's short film projects
  • Video recording of plays and other events
  • Music videos
  • Ongoing nature photography projects
A scene from the Commedia dell’Arte played in France before a noble audience
Old Tree Limb
Flying Dragonfly
Old Medicine Show