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40 Brilliant Comedies

Easily Played, Updated Scenarios from Flaminio Scala’s 1611 Collection “il Teatro delle Favole Rappresentative”

40 Brilliant Comedies bookcover

July 18th, 2022

An important book for any College or High School Drama department. 40 Brilliant Comedies is a collection of forty comic scenarios published first in 1611 by Flaminio Scala, translated, and reworked by i Sebastiani and friends to make them accessible and easily played without a deep dive into historic theater. Some additional scenes have been added to complete stories that were implied by Scala.

ISBN: 979-8-9864884-0-0

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20 Commedia dell'Arte Scenarios from the 1570s

Translated, Updated, and Easily Staged Scenarios from Abagaro Francesco Baldi's Notebook Manuscript, With Prologues, Monologues, and one-liners

40 Brilliant Comedies bookcover

February 25th, 2024

The second volume of historic Commedia dell'Arte scenarios made playable in English, "20 Commedia dell'Arte Scenarios From the 1570s" is 20 comic & other play outlines and other fragments from a 1571-1580 manuscript by Abagaro Francesco Baldi (AKA Frescobaldi) whose stage name was Stefanelo Botarga. These plays were translated and reworked by i Sebastiani and friends with the same treatment as with 40 Brilliant Comedies. For seventeen of these plays, this is the first published translation into English. In one case, the first time transcribed and published in any language.

ISBN: 979-8-9864884-2-4

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Provoke and Be Provoked

A guide to learning to create and perform drama using Commedia dell'Arte

40 Brilliant Comedies bookcover

April 2025

Provoke and Be Provoked is a book for the classroom aimed at people relatively new to drama and the theater. It uses an interdisciplinary approach to learning what actors and writers need to do to get audiences to respond.

ISBN: Pending

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A scene from the Commedia dell’Arte played in France before a noble audience
Old Tree Limb
Flying Dragonfly
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