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The Comic Scenarios of Flaminio Scala

The Flaminio Scala Collection - Plays by Name

Plays without links are not the in the book

Play 1The Old TwinsComedy
Play 2Flavio’s FortuneComedy
Play 3Lucky IsabellaComedy
Play 4Isabella’s Tricks Comedy
Play 5Flavio BetrayedComedy
Play 6The Jealous Old ManComedy
Play 7The Lady Who Was Believed DeadComedy
Play 8The Fake MadwomanComedy
Play 9The HusbandComedy
Play 10The Betrothed Comedy
Play 11The CapitanoComedy
Play 12The Toothpuller Comedy
Play 13The Desperate DottoreComedy
Play 14The Faithful Pilgrim Lover Comedy
Play 15The Labor of IsabellaComedy
Play 16The Mirror Comedy
Play 17The Twin CapitanosComedy
Play 18The Vendetta Tragicomedy
Play 19Three Loyal FriendsComedy
Play 20Two Trustworthy NotariesComedy
Play 21The Fake Magician Comedy
Play 22The Man Presumed DeadComedy
Play 23The PostmanComedy
Play 24The Fake TofanoComedy
Play 25Jealous Isabella Comedy
Play 26The Alexandrian Carpets Comedy
Play 27Fickle IsabellaComedy
Play 28Flavio the Fake Magician Comedy
Play 29The Faithful FriendComedy
Play 30The Disguised ServantsComedy
Play 31The TutorComedy
Play 32The Two Disguised FortunetellersComedy
Play 33The Four Fake SpiritsComedy
Play 34The Fake Blindman Comedy
Play 35Flavio’s DisgraceComedy
Play 36Isabella the AstrologerTragicomedy
Play 37The HuntComedy
Play 38The Madness of IsabellaTragicomedy
Play 39The PortraitComedy
Play 40The Just PunishmentComedy
Play 41The Mad PrincessTragedy
Play 42The Comical, Pastoral, and Tragic EventsMixed Opera
Play 43AlvidaRoyal Opera
Play 44Rosalba, EnchantressHeroic Opera
Play 45The Innocent PersianRoyal Opera
Play 46The Bear, Part 1Royal Opera
Play 47The Bear, Part 2Royal Opera
Play 48The Bear, Part 3Royal Opera
Play 49The Enchanted Apple TreePastoral
Play 50The Lucky Lonely Prince of MoscuvyRoyal Opera
A scene from the Commedia dell’Arte played in France before a noble audience
Old Tree Limb
Flying Dragonfly
Old Medicine Show