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The Comic Scenarios of Botarga-Ganassa

The Botarga-Ganassa Collection - Plays by Name

Plays without links are not the in the book

Play 1Silvia's Trick w/ Int: Sesto TarquinoComedy
Play 2The Wheat w/ int: EpaminondasComedy
Play 3The King ArtexerseHistorical Opera
Play 4RamiroHistory/Tragicomedy
Play 5Constant LoveComedy
Play 6In BetweenPastoral Comedy
Play 7Jove and IoOlympian Opera
Play 8The LionComedy
Play 9The Three CuckoldsComedy
Play 10TheftsComedy
Play 11The Most Inane LadyComedy
Play 12The AmbassadorsComedy
Play 13The InnComedy
Play 14The TunnelComedy
Play 15Fighting for Love w/ int: AdonisPastoral
Play 16Two Crazy PeopleComedy
Play 17The Jewels of Chastity w/ int: Perseus & MedusaPastoral
Play 18Prince Tireno w/ Int: The Choice of ParisTragedy
Play 19The Deadly SwordComedy
Play 20The Emperor MaumetHistorical Opera
A scene from the Commedia dell’Arte played in France before a noble audience
Old Tree Limb
Flying Dragonfly
Old Medicine Show