Educational Workshops

from Truth and Beauty Media

Our History

All of our Commedia dell'Arte workshops so far have been ad hoc, but fun and helpful to the recipients.

Together with i Sebastiani we have delivered workshops to college and high school classes. Going forward we will be developing some more planned and tested workshops, with an eye toward building larger useful curricula.


Most of Truth and Beauty Media's work these days is in Eastern Massachusetts.

To date, all of our workshops have been within driving distance of our primary operations. Starting in 2024, we hope to expand this to other metro areas in the US.

Near future work

We are currently looking for High School Drama teachers in Eastern Massachusetts interested in collaborating on developing and testing curricula teaching drama with Commedia dell'Arte as the starting point.

Video Workshops

We also have done some workshops with children for making short movies. This effort is on hiatus until 2024 because of the work on the book projects about Commedia dell'Arte scenarios.

A scene from the Commedia dell’Arte played in France before a noble audience
Old Tree Limb
Flying Dragonfly
Old Medicine Show